Does Wingstop use Halal meat?
Wingstop does not currently serve Halal meat.

Why don't you accept cash?
We have taken the bold move of only accepting electronic/card payments in all of our UK restaurants and cannot accept coins or notes. Our goal is to make the customer experience quicker, slicker and to free-up more staff to make fresh meals.

Is Wingstop franchising in the UK?
Yes. Very soon. Please see franchising page

Does Wingstop offer coupons or discount?
Wingstop does not offer any coupons or discounts

Does Wingstop serve organic or free-range chicken?
While our chicken is neither organic nor is the chicken free range, our distributor purchases raw materials from a reputable and well known meat supplier in the UK who are required to treat the chicken humanely and follow all the procedures set forth by the UK.

What type of oil does Wingstop use?
We use vegetable oil

Does Wingstop accept bookings / reservations?
Wingstop provides counter service only and does not accepting bookings/reservations.

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